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What Signal Path Do I Use For Mastering?

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:51 pm
by John_Rogers
Signal path is the order you place the effects processors on the stereo/main out bus. The audio signal goes through each processor in the order of this path.

In the setup below, the Standard 5-Band Equalizer is the first process used and the Loudness Maximizer is the final process.

I guess there could be hundreds of slight variations of your signal path, and that's ok. This is the signal path I've used successfully on over 30,000 songs since 1999.

On The Stereo/Main Out Bus:
1. Standard 5-Band Equalizer
2. Mid-Side Equalizer
3. Multi-Band Reverb
4. Multi-Band Compressor
5. Multi-Band Spectral Enhancer (Harmonic Exciter)
6. Multi-Band Stereo Widener
7. Loudness Maximizer (Always Last)

On The Song's Effects Bus:
1. De-esser