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How Does Audio Mastering Compare To Mixing?

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:08 pm
by John_Rogers
In music mixing, you're "mixing together" multiple audio tracks to create a song. Different tracks like the lead vocal, bass line, guitars, drums, etc. are being combined together. Then proper effects like EQ, reverb, delay are added to each track, along with panning and volume adjustments. In the final step, the mix is exported to create a song in the form of a single stereo interleaved .wav or .aiff file.

In audio mastering you're working with one stereo interleaved file.
And, the entire song is affected by effects processes, not individual tracks.

At least once a week, someone uploads one song .wav file and says they want it mixed and mastered. Well, you can't mix one file. The word "mixing" is a verb and you need at least two tracks (files) to be able to mix them together. You need at least two of anything to be able to mix it together!