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Does A Radio Ready Mastering Standard Exist?

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Does A Radio Ready Mastering Standard Exist?

Post by John_Rogers » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:37 pm

Here's another popular question I see online, always with the wrong answer! "There's no such thing as radio ready mastering!" REALLY?

Let me explain how this works. If a record label, after paying them millions, submits a new release to the radio stations and it's very poorly mastered (distorted, over-level, super bright, heavily compressed) it will be REJECTED. They will not play it on the radio. They'll tell the label the quality of the song is terrible and will request a re-master (maybe even a remix).

Technically, it would never even go this far because an executive working for the record label would reject the poor master and get it corrected before the radio station even heard it.

Two Facts -

1. Some songs aren't ready for radio play and are rejected by management for poor quality reasons. This happens very often in the music industry.

2. Songs that are playing on the radio, are radio ready!

If songs are rejected for radio play, then there has to be a radio ready mastering quality standard. There it is! There's your answer!
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